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Our large and unbiased player network gives you a deep understanding of player action and response for your game.

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Zigantic's vision is simple: We deliver real feedback from avid gamers that empower developers to create the best game possible.

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True Gamers. Gaming is not just a job for our reviewers, it is a lifestyle.

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We give you insights about what hooks players, identify what causes player drop-offs and uncover what stimulates users.

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We lower your new product release costs, helping you maximize your budget for go-to-market activities.

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Connect first-hand with players to ask deeper questions and to derive key insights for effective design feedback.


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Includes highly useful written feedback to improve your game.

  • Written User Review/Feedback

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Allows you to gain in-depth feedback by having reviewer contact info.

  • Written User Review/Feedback
  • Reviewer Contact Info

Trend Analysis

$3.49add-on purchase

Understand the recurring motifs in gaming feedback.

  • Recieve a summary of tester feedback and gaming trends across multiple survey responses.



Self-described gamers and geeks. In early 2017, Vignav and Rishab found themselves connecting two of their strongest passions (entrepreneurship and gaming) to help independent game developers to build the world's best games. To achieve this ambitious goal, they built a proprietary panel of play-testing experts across the globe, and Zigantic was born.

From then on out, we've understood how instrumental feedback is in augmenting a game for the better. It's what has led us to believe in the power of crowdsourcing and play testing to drive impactful change. Today, we're a determined team on a mission to change the way games are developed throughout the lifecycle. Like true champions have broken through barriers and clear hurdles, we have and will continue to persevere to overcome challenges.

We see success in our customers' success, and hence we work hard to find solutions to their problems. You share goals with us, and together with our colleagues and community, no matter what, we will help you accomplish great feats and celebrate with you. Zigantic is backed by The Indus Entrepreneurs Seattle (TiE Seattle). TiE is a global organization founded with the goal of fostering entrepreneurship, supporting startups right through the entrepreneurial life cycle. Zigantic is also mentored by a group of experienced advisors from industry giants Microsoft, Amazon, PayPal and Box.

Roger Garfield

Vignav Ramesh

Co-Founder, CEO
  • Vignav Ramesh is currently a STEM student at Saratoga High School in Saratoga, California. He codes in Java, HTML, Python, and more; he competes in tennis tournaments; he plays double bass in a youth symphony; he is a state and national level speech and debater; he is the cofounder of a nonprofit organization working for entrepreneurial charities; he is a USACO Gold Division programmer; and his team has reached Worlds in the First Robotics Competition. Vignav writes for the Northwest Youth Journal and was a Team America Rocketry Challenge finalist.

    Roger Garfield

    Rishab Mohan

    Co-Founder, CMO
  • Rishab Mohan is a high school STEM student at the International School in Bellevue, Washington. He is a member of TiE Young Entrepreneurs, and won first place in the Original Project Design sector at the WMSCS Competition as well as the 2018 $500 TiE Globals Best Business Plan Award along with co-founder Vignav Ramesh. He and the rest of Zigantic also won the 2019 $1000 TiE Regional Award. He is a First Lego League semifinalist and a U.S. National Under-13 Cricket Champion. He can code in numerous languages such as Java, HTML, Python, and more.

    Roger Garfield

    Sahil Kancherla

  • Sahil Kancherla is currently a STEM student at Tesla STEM High School in Redmond, Washington. In addition to Zigantic, he is an active FBLA and TSA member, winning awards for events at the regional and state level. He is a two-time selection to the Northwest Region Cricket Team (U15) and has won the national championship with them. He is also a two-time selection to the USA Global Cricket Team that toured Sri Lanka and India. He is an avid coder and is proficient in Java, Python, and React.js, and won 1st Place at a Microsoft Hosted Game Development Competition.

    Roger Garfield

    Arav Manchanda

    VP Marketing and Sales
  • Arav Manchanda is currently a STEM student at Interlake High School located in Bellevue, WA. As an avid marketer and aspiring salesman, he is currently taking AP and IB courses such as CS and Business Management in and out of school. He is also very passionate about sports; he plays squash for the PRO sports club in Bellevue and competes around the country in tournaments. He also plays cricket and has participated in numerous tournaments; he was also selected to join the Northeast Regional Cricket Team.

    Roger Garfield

    Vihaan Dheer

    Engineering Lead
  • Vihaan Dheer is currently a STEM student at Hackley High School located in Tarrytown, New York. He codes in HTML, Python, Swift, and more. In his free time, Vihaan enjoys playing sports such as tennis, squash, and swimming. He also plays multiple instruments including the drums and piano and produces music. Vihaan is also a member of an underwater ROV building team, which competes in the annual MATE ROV competition. Vihaan is an avid app developer and works relentlessly to improve the quality of the Zigantic app.

    Common Questions

    How do I know that my game will be in the right hands at all times? (safety from plagiarism)

    Our users/testers are game aficionados who like to play games (not develop games). We require every user to sign our EULA agreement and a Non-Disclosure Agreement which ensures game confidentiality and protection of proprietary information.

    What stage of development of game can we use Zigantic?

    Most independent game developers work with Zigantic in beta, pre-release or early access stages, when user feedback is critical for engagement and adoption. During this phase user feedback can be incorporated to shape the final release of your game. However Zigantic can be leveraged for released applications as well when “play test” results are needed. It is important, though, for your game to be accessible and stable for our users to test and experience.

    How does Zigantic’s user-based pricing work for my game?

    Zigantic charges on a per-user basis so that you're only paying for your actual user feedback for questions created by game developers. We built this pricing model based on customer feedback - our customers have told us they feel more confident paying only for the results they desire.

    Do you offer volume discounts for games which require more user feedback at a high frequency?

    Yes, Zigantic’s pricing structure provides volume discounts. The more feedback you require the lower your price per user.

    How does Zigantic’s user-based pricing work for my game?

    Zigantic charges on a per-user basis so that you're only paying for your actual user feedback for questions created by game developers. We built this pricing model based on customer feedback - our customers have told us it is valuable for them to obtain answers to specific questions.

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