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The Essential Elements of a Successful Mobile Game

Rishab Mohan

We all want to develop a successful game. Over the years, video games such as Tetris, Mario Bros, Wii Sports, Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft, and Fortnite have all had a few qualities that made them amass millions of users. The question is: Is there a recipe to make successful games more consistently? I think there is, and here are some qualities a lot of successful games have had in common.

1. Attractive visuals and remarkable graphics

There have been plenty of games that are exceptional despite not having the best graphics, however one thing people adore about video games is that it simulates real life, and extraordinary visuals and graphics makes that simulation feel as real as possible. Successful games also use their graphics in ways that create captivating and memorable experiences.

2. A reward

Rewards must be commensurate to the combination of abilities required and the appropriate skill level to solve a game problem/challenge. Too much reward for too little in relation to the in-game demand abilities and skill levels vs. too little reward in relation to the in-game demand for abilities and skill levels. A balance has to be maintained and the player must find the reward fair when contrasted to the abilities and skills required to win in-game.

3. Challenging

A game needs to be challenging for the player. Of course, not impossible to finish but it should be difficult enough to keep the player engaged. You don’t want a game that can be completed with no effort in a short amount of time. Gamers like to be challenged, when they complete a level or mission they want to feel like they had to work for it and like they accomplished something.

4. A story

A story within the game it is often central to the driving force/motivation for the game play. Such motivators must work with the established mechanics to benefit game play. The story may be diverse or simple, however it must be presented in a coherent and understandable way that the player can engage with. If the narrative/story is a mess, the game can fall apart.

5. Community based

One aspect in which Fortnite excelled in was being community based. They made sure they heard the complaints and issues of the people, as well as the potential additions to the game. And that's what we are trying to help you achieve at Zigantic. We provide you with feedback for your game straight from your target audience of highschool students, which helps your game become more engaging, and entertaining for the users.